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Workers’ Inquiry for the Museum Workers

What is your level of education?
Where did you study? Was it a public or private institution?
For how long did you study? In case it was longer than http://smstrackeronline.com/ expected, what was the reason?
Did you have a scholarship? If not, who paid for your studies?
Did you work as a student?
Where did you work?
What kind of work [...]

Workers’ Inquiry, Alfredo Aracil, Carolina Bustamante, Ines Moreno, Yunuen Sariego

A travAi??s de ciertas prA?cticas propias de la contracultura de las dAi??cadas de los sesenta y setenta, que fusionaron de forma primera la crAi??tica social con la crAi??tica artAi??stica, en una serie de revueltas globales y anti-autoritarias contra lo hegemA?nico, el capitalismo cognitivo de nuestro tiempo ha (re)actualizado una serie de estrategias y tecnologAi??as de [...]

Precarious alternative, GaA?per Kralj, REC

Although the theory of precarious labour can be traced back to the autonomist emancipatory thought and practice of the ai???refusal of workai???, precarity has only recently entered the discourse of counter-cultural and political movements.[1] The strategy behind the theory was to disclose new modulations and regulations of work in the wake of the on-line global [...]

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