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Safety in a very complex movement, by Tea Hvala

This text was originally published on the EPK Maribor 2012 project site “Perspective and reflections” http://www.maribor2012.info/en/index.php?ptype=8&menu=0&id=318&Pid=345&echosub=1
With kind permission of the editor of the site and the author of the text.
** I arrived in Ljubljana the day after protesters occupied the platform in cialis in canada front of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Activists talked about
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From Creative Work to Creative City

REC will be participating at events From Creative Work to Creative City organized by the Kontekst collective does medicaid cover viagra from Belgrade, female viagra 4 and 5 November 2011, in the frame of Oktobarski salon.
In the precarious situation that we are all in, we are forced to accept to work under conditions vons pharmacy [...]

New Public Spaces, GaA?per Kralj, REC

This article is an introduction to the forthcoming reader New Public Spaces: Dissensual Political and Artistic Practices in the Post-Yugoslav Context that will be published by Radical Education Collective and Jan van Eyck Academy by the end of July 2009.
Neoliberalism extended social borders far beyond the police-protected frontiers of newly constituted states. Denationalization masked not [...]

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