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New Public Spaces, GaA?per Kralj, REC

This article is an introduction to the forthcoming reader New Public Spaces: Dissensual Political and Artistic Practices in the Post-Yugoslav Context that will be published by Radical Education Collective and Jan van Eyck Academy by the end of July 2009.
Neoliberalism extended social borders far beyond the police-protected frontiers of newly constituted states. Denationalization masked not [...]

The right to the city by David Harvey

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p class=”artbody” style=”text-align: justify;”>We live in an era when ideals of human rights have moved centre stage both politically and ethically. A great deal of energy is expended in promoting their significance for the construction of a better world. But for the most part the concepts circulating do not fundamentally challenge hegemonic liberal [...]

Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces by Chantal Mouffe

Can artistic practices still play a critical role in a society where the difference between art and advertizing have become blurred and where artists and cultural workers have become a necessary part of capitalist production? Scrutinizing the ai???new spirit of capitalismai??i?? Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello1 have shown how the demands for autonomy of the [...]

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