radical education collective

Imagination beyond representation, Bojana PiA?kur, REC

Everything in the world began with a yes. One molecule said yes to another molecule and life was born. How does one start at the beginning, if things happen before they actually happen? (Clarice Lispector)
For some time now we have been considering questions related to the political potential of a work of art, or, put [...]

Reading Capital, JoA?e BarA?i, REC

Reading Capital ai??i?? Proletarians of All Countries Unite!
In the fall of 2007 I joined a group of political science students who got together once a week for reading sessions of Marxai??i??s Capital (Vol. 1) at the Workers-Punks University in Ljubljana. After political changes in Slovenia and ex-Yugoslavia in the beginning of 1990s Marxai??i??s theory almost [...]

TucumA?n Arde 1968

TucumA?n is the name of a region in northeastern Argentina whose tropical climate makes it ideal for growing citrus fruits, vegetables, tobacco, and, above all, sugar. In the second half of generic viagra suppliers uk viagra use in hindi. altacef 500. . the 1960s, the agricultural structures [...]

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