radical education collective


Radical education: critical capacity to make choices and to transform our everyday reality

There is no disjunction between life, work, struggle, politics or education when, in our theory and praxis, we move beyond static and fetishised notions of the world. Even if we have learned otherwise all human creativities develop mutually within the same processes. By considering work, art and education separately, as distinct segments of our lives, we create a fundamental get islamic religion antogonism which cheats us of both life and doing. But this interconnectedness can only be fully grasped by emancipated subjects who are ready to struggle, ready to challenge the enforced reality of day to day life. Continue reading…

From project to collective: a brief history of REC

In 2006, a project known as Radical Education was initiated. The basic idea was to find ways of ai???translatingai??? radical pedagogy into the sphere of artistic production, with education being conceived not merely as a model but also as a field of political participation. The aim of Radical Education, then, was to create a unique ai???progressiveai??? micro-political space within the gallery ifself, a kind of critical antipodes to both the conservative and neoliberal tendencies that predominate in the art system. Right from the start, Radical Education was understood in the sense of ai???heterogeneous spacesai???, in which art would be but one field of activity among others. For this reason, the project was all the more critical toward artai??i??s extended domains, e.g. socially engaged art, relational art and participatory art ai??i?? forms of art-making that often include in their projects, in an uncritical way, transversal practices, practices of self-organization and practices in which it is not clear where art ends and politics begins; as a result, such practices become normalized. Radical Education, then, aimed not only at interpretations of various forms of art/activism, but in fact at ai???the production of spaceai???, basing itself on the principles of transversality, which is not some predetermined form but is rather constituted through events, different kinds of alliances, crossings and collective organizing. Continue reading…

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