radical education collective

Research Notes

Under construction!

Here you kamagra safe and cheap on line. can find some more or less organized notes that we have produced throughout our researches. You are welcome to contact us for more elaborated versions.

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Precarious Alternative (notes onAi??precarious labor theory withAi??WI co-research proposal), GaA?per Kralj, REC Workersai??i?? InquiryAi??Reloaded(questionarie forAi??cultural and other precarious workers),Ai??REC, Ljubljana, in colaboration with Workes’ Inquiry Group, Madrid Workersai??i?? Inquiry (reflections onAi??WIAi??co-research within MNCARS, one of the major art institutions in Europe),Ai??Alfredo Aracil, Carolina Bustamante, Ines Moreno, Yunuen Sariego
Can we, the cultural workers, speak?, Bojana PiA?kur,Ai??REC, Alfredo Aracil, Carolina Bustamante, Ines Moreno, Yunuen Sariego, Workers’ Inquiry Group Democracy Finds Its Continuity in Totalitarianism: A Conversation with Jasna Koteska, TjaA?a Pureber, REC Ai??
Ai?? Ai?? Ai??
Ai?? Ai?? Ai??

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