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The order tadalis sx no prescription. following texts were contributions at the Radical Education Conference, Nov. 2009, held in Moderna galerija, Ljubljana.

The conference focused on the meaning of the radical. It explored the radical through the notions of micropolitics and transversality. tadalafil 10 mg. It asked questions: what is the relationship between social movements, institutions and alternative practices of institutionality; why can new politics emerge only beyond the state, parties and traditional labor unions; how is the crisis of the university manifested in society; how do new public spaces and their protagonists undermine the prerogatives of capitalist urbanization; how do art and artistic practices elude the trappings of representation; how is it possible to think about ruptures and utopias; on what can life beyond capitalism reply?

Beth Lima – On the margins of art

Biljana Kasic _ Critical activism

Graciela Carnevale – Radical

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Joze Barsi_Radical

Marjetica Potrc_Cook_Farmer

Nora Sternfled_Contradictions

STEALTH-collective space

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